Saturday 30 June 2007


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Friday 29 June 2007

A few words from John . . .


from the churches of All Saints & St. Aidan, Speke, Liverpool, UK.

This blog's main purpose is to publish the Speke Messenger (current and recent editions) onto the internet. However, you will notice that it's possible to write your comments into various areas of the blog. You are welcome to write your comments, view existing comments through the link, or indeed, make any posting contributions you wish, which could become a permanent feature of the blog (just contact me, John) at . . .

I'm sure that both Carol and/or Gill would welcome any comments you may care to leave. Please see their written entries immediately below this one. We would be happy to read any comments or suggestions you may care to offer with regard to this blogspot or to the printed Speke Messenger magazine, which, is printed, published and delivered to many homes every month.

You can always contact me with any suggestions or contributions to the magazine, at any time at . . .

A few words from Gill . . .


Thanks to John for setting up this new form of the Speke Messenger and helping us to move easily into the 21st century. Please use it and give us your comments.

You can contact Rev. Gill Pinnington at

A few words from Carol . . .


It's good to think that many who have moved away will be able to keep up with things here in Speke.

You can contact Rev. Carol Kidd at